Synergy Filter

Updated on January 16th 2015
-Synergy Filter is 90$
Vital Water, Synergy Bathe Honour
A Hygiene Hobby of Mine.  Very Adventurous!
The Filter is activated once I put into a Veil and Wet the Hub.

-Filters 500-600 Gallons per cartridge made up of about 80% or 90% Organic material.

-For cold/cool water only.

-Synergy Filter lets you recycle RO and Whole House filters.  I hope you use mineral cartridges/lodestones/spirals if you use.

-The Synergy Filter is not a Shower Filter or a Hot/Warm water filter.

-Synergy Filter uses Three Organic Substances.

-A great Well Water or City Water fix.

-Synergy Filters Organic "Synergy" a New phenomenon ONLY when combined together as a whole.

-The Synergy Filter is up to 7 times smaller and lasts about the same.

-It is a Newly invented product with updated Cartridge better flow rate of speed.

-The Synergy Filter is friendly to ALL minerals.  Achieves excellence. :)

-Replacement Cartridge is 80%-90% Organic and only 60$.

-The Synergy Filter removes Fluoride/Chlorine

-The Synergy Filter has a success rate of removing Fluoride and Chlorine at a 100% even upon depletion, it remains a magnet and continually attracts and locks in. Maintains a hold of both poisons and the title of being over-looked by science.

-Synergy Filter is EASY to replace and for the First filter with hose is 90$ while the replacement cartridge is 60$.

-No Salts are used in the Synergy Filter and the Filter will leave no taste in the water. A simple wash is recommended.  The hub does come wet so wash when it arrives.  Don't worry about not using everyday when filling your 5 gallon jugs.

-Bathing would be a hygiene treat for your body, but a cold bath and at a luxurious cost.

-Filter preserves 100% of Organic minerals and nurturing elements.

I owe many thanks to the ones that have inspired this very fast moving journey that doesn't seem very long yet it is going on for about 5 1/2  years.

It is designed for people who do not have access to spring water.The water filter removes ALL negative elements and preserves ALL Organic Minerals.

The filter will also keep the water's living structure after removing the negative elements entirely. Here is a simple list of negative elements that are removed:
Arsenic, Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead, Lime/Scale, Mercury, Odors.. a complex list is located here.*

Watch Dr. Mercola HERE
It is a speech about water.  Please note, the dislikes reflect how he removed the minerals from water.  Useful information, but Dr. Mercola doesn't know about my Synergy Filter.

There are 18 to 21 Minerals in Well Water or Municipal City water, on average.  My understanding is that it is depending on the weather and the Moon's luminosity.



The Synergy Fluoride Filter does not remove organic minerals, and people should desire these necessary minerals. 

The filter removes all contaminant including Fluoride, Chlorine. Chloramine, and any other harmful element.

My family has been drinking this water for almost 2 years and the unfiltered tap water has become avoided.

  • Filter comes complete with 17" hose, A few brass fittings, and the fluoride filter
  • Filter Housing lasts for over 575 Gallons which is over a year of drinking water for a small family.
  • The Fluoride Filter is for Cold water only. Hot water will damage the filter and likely the permanently harnessed contaminants.

In regards to conventional water filtration, water should not go through: Active Alumina, Coconut Fiber, or Bone Char. Water loses 18+ minerals and the living water structure. Reverse Osmosis products like bottled water, usually, contain no minerals. There are times when bottled water will have minerals in it, but with bottled water you are getting leeched plastics on top of 1 or 2 minerals.Where are the 21 minerals that shouldn't have been removed?

-Not designed for a Water Main, because it is not a Whole House Filter.
Hooks into the outside garden hose output, or to a 3/4" output sink.
As long as the water has some push to it, don't worry about the minimal PSI requirement.
You shouldn't need a pump.
It is simple for me to use because after only a couple minutes I have already filled a 5 gallon jug and placed it in a water dispenser.
You could hook up the food grade hose outside to the hose, the filter will remove any residues leeched into the water.

Filter reduces water speed, it is a 1/2" opening. This is reduced from 3/4" with the provided hose and fittings.
Yes, it still delivers fresh mineralized water at a reasonable speed.
Faster than other filters.
1 Gallon per Minute is recommended, but has a maximum of 1 Gallon per 40 seconds.
Not sure just an absurd illogical guess.

I've not used PH readers.O_O

Operation: Complete Removal of Hydrofluorosilicic acid which is Fluoride. Removal also of Chlorine and any unhealthy elements from 'A to Z'. The filter is mineral retardant, it does not remove beneficial minerals. The filter remains as good as it did when it first arrived in the box, down to the very last 600th~700th gallon drop.
I encourage that you use those TDS/ORP/PH devices.
And you will never want to drink from Tap water or RO water again.
And you will never spend money on water from the local stores.
People perform a lot better with 18-21 minerals than having 0 minerals.

Filters that use Alumina, Bone Char, UV, Mesh Screen, Micron, and Coconut, these types of filters should be housed in the invention of a trash can. Dumping these filters might benefit your health a lot.

Anything that claims to have removed Fluoride, strip 100% of all the minerals also.

Magnesium Bicarbonate alone helps protect cells from heavy metal poisoning such as aluminum solid, mercury solid, lead, cadmium, fluoride, etc.,

Getting all four bicarbonates are said to have something to do with assisting our body from getting ailments like insomnia, headaches, and inflammation. 

*In the event of a replacement, contaminants stay harnessed within the filter. 
**Keep the Fluoride Filter Housing, please.**
***Processing Warm/Hot water may damage the medium so treat the Fluoride Filter like you would a Carbon filter. 
****There is a 30-day Return Policy. Buyer pays for return shipping.****

For a luxurious bathing with the filter, this is not recommend.
I can only say to fill a Tub with an external Hose and heat it with an alternative heater.  Filter is not for HOT or WARM water. Make sure it is used to process cold water only.  The filter wouldn't last very long with bathing, I only would recommend reducing it down to a sponge bath.

Designing a filter at a larger scale will happen much later. I can only conceptualize the filter at a small scale right now.

I've sold 16 with 1 complaint of clogging.




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