David Wolfe and Trap

David Wolfe, founder of Sun Foods. Founder of The Best Day Ever and Longevity Warehouse. The main endorsing spokesman for the Nutri-Bullet Blender System.
Here is David with ORMUS Traps on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fnhBF1g-po
Also, at Enota One here is David Wolfe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pej0dtQWQLI

Myself, and David Wolfe, have read the Nutritionist's "Art of War," book.  It was written by a known World Researcher Traveler; Weston Andrew Valleau Price from the book: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, 1939.

The book is a story of the Author himself, who traveled the World and studied each culture's sources for nourishment. He also was very elaborate to compare hygein like teeth, skin, bones, fatness, complexion's, behavior's, and performances of each different culture. 

To conclude Mr. Price's work; he was a man that would live to study tribes and civilizations across the globe. Weston Price would live with them each, individually: The Aborigines, the Africans, the Arabs, the Chinese, the Eskimo's, Native Indians, you name it. 

David Wolfe helped me in re-inventing an Ormus Trap, partially assisting in the physical development also.  Wish I could be close to him again.

s on YouTube in many places. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54OEjpojSE4&list=PL6841F59F9C2268A1

If I were to get nothing from this, and sacrifice my research for a greater cause it would be worth every bit of it.

I've been told this filter is very monumentous.

The pic with David Wolfe was a few years ago, and I was only involved with water for a couple months in the picture.  Now going on a few years with water.

In this picture; Little did I know that I would graduated in higher forms of water research and develop the Micro-Cluster article and Food Article from reading into Gerson/Price/Wolfe researches on-top of Vicktor Schauberger.  After the picture I would later develop the Fabulous Filter. Glen Caulkins should change vote to being a supporter for Ormus Magnetic Vor-Trapping.

This next picture is with David Hudson the Ormus patent holder;
(removed picture)

The pic below does not show: Cut 1/2" Titanium Drill Bits that are inside the Copper Pipe,
There are actually 18 drill bits in full.

The Copper pipe face up side is identical on the other side.
Also has 2 entrances Cut, unlike the Subtle Energies V1 Winter Sink Trap design having 1 entrance into the trap.

Notice the Black Magnetic stripping, it stretches the span of the 3 inch PVC pipe by 6" ending into the central part, completely wrapped without gap.

PLUS (Sorta messy but an accurate description of what is going on.)

Three of these speaker magnets are for the drain; in the design, the water we are desiring is actually about 6 inches higher from the 3rd magnet's surface. 
The speaker magnets push the Subtle Magnetism, and the 0.1" Magnetic stripping tunnels the subtle magnetism from the speaker magnet.  The Subtle Magnetism in this set-up is appropriate, abundant, effective, and simple.  

So to recap, the Poly Rope meets the Subtle Energies 6" Hexagon mark from the bottom-up. The top-down has a pipe that is poly rope filled meeting 6" down the PVC pipe from the very top.  The poly meets up at the surface bit of the 6" line where the magnetic stripping ends, it' stops half way the length of the 12" PVC pipe that is 3" in dia.

The color Green represents Subtle Energies.
The other colors are too close to the Speaker Magnet and become the 'waste' water product, and non-subtle but strong magnetic waste water..

Trap does not require the furthering of micro-clustering.

Stomata might be fascinated by a higher version with this industrial/commercial grade trap water system that is only been built once. It's an open market right now since nobody is making them. This type of water, especially when you learn to open pores of plants through Sonic Bloom(audio), this water, of a whole new level, would absorb most abundantly in plants.

A different option: FiberGlassResin+IronMagnetite hardened in the form of a cylinder with a lid made from the same. It would require that you let a water bottle sit in this unit for 1 week.

With the Magnetite water: you will definitely turn a new leaf and feel the difference without any doubt on my words.

2015  Water cleaner